How We Do It



TheControList assigns and tracks all of the known documentation that must be prepared on a regular basis throughout the year for an audit.  Businesses are now confident that they are always in control and always ready for an audit at any point in time.

direct auditor access

Auditors are given direct access to their restricted material on the site. They select what they want to test and there is no longer a timely and unorganized upload and download process. 

automated training

Create your own training courses with quizzes or select from TheControList annually updated courses.  Users receive email notifications and reminders to ensure all training is timely completed. 

Audit Findings

Assign and track the completion of all internal and external audit findings.  Use the reporting feature to evaluate trends.


Hosted by Microsoft Azure, TheControList is a fully secure cloud-based SaaS product that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. 

organized repository

When it is time to prepare for an audit, employees no longer need to send numerous emails back and forth to staff to gather disjointed documentation.  TheControList is an organized repository to control and store all audit items.

automated matched NAMING CONVENTION

When audit request list is received, the requested items are linked to the documentation retained.  As items are exported, the naming convention is automatically updated for each document to match the auditor's request.

Policies & Procedure Management

Full version tracking and assigned review to export into beautifully prepared P&Ps.  Also, each P&P has an attestation feature that can be assigned to staff on a regular basis for them to prove that they have reviewed the P&Ps applicable to their job. 

Roster Management

Use TheControList to manage each of the rosters that must be maintained to track internal and external roster needs.