All Ways Ready.  All Ways in Control.

TheControList is a SaaS based platform that significantly reduces the amount of time and costs spent on audit preparation.   TheControList reduces the time that it takes to prepare for an audit by 50%.  If your upcoming audit requirements are known, TheControList is the solution. 


  • Assign and track all auditable items for all audits with real-time visibility of completion throughout the year

  • Central repository to store all auditable items

  • Direct auditor access to restricted documentation with automated naming convention to match auditor's request list



TheControList assigns and tracks everything that must be prepared for an audit.  Businesses now have real-time visibility that all auditable items are being timely completed and therefore giving them confidence to be audited at any point in time. 




When it is time to prepare for an audit, employees no longer need to send numerous emails back and forth to staff to gather disjointed documentation.  TheControList is an organized repository to store all audit items, therefore making it effortless to gather the requested documentation. 



Auditors are given direct access to their restricted material on the site.  The need to send numerous back and forth from the auditor to the business is eliminated.  They select what they want to test and there is no longer a timely and unorganized upload and download process. 


Market Leader

Of all the SaaS based compliance software on the market, none focus on the work that is required to prove compliance prior to being audited with direct auditor access and automated naming conventions.


"We no longer have a fire drill when preparing for audits!"

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Who is TheControList for?

 If your business goes through regular or repeating audits or your requirements are known, TheControList is the solution to diminish audit prep costs.  Examples include businesses audited by the government or their clients, for technical certifications, SOX Internal Assessments, internal audits, or federal contracts.